What we do

The City of Women gives visibility to innovative creations of women* artists, theoreticians and activists from all over the world. It raises awareness about the disproportionate presence and representation of women in the arts and culture, and strives for their better working conditions.

We support new works by women* artists and other cultural workers from beginning to end: from pre-production to post-production.

The City of Women promotes women artists and art collectives who make contemporary, bold, experimental, critical, socially engaged, political and transdisciplinary feminist art. We provide support, resources, visibility and care for artistic, activist and theoretical practices and discourses which resonate with our core values: equality, diversity and solidarity.

artistic production
everything is all right, photo by Nada Žgank.

Access to, creation of and reflection on critical, socially engaged art are essential for the development of an equal society.

Inspired by feminist and queer pedagogy, our teaching materials, activities and participatory art processes are designed for young people aged 12+ who want to reflect on the ways in which gender inequality affects their lives and the lives of others, and who want to act against sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. We also address teachers and youth workers who want to discuss the causes of gender inequality and the history of struggles for equality of women* and minorities (as well as their achievements) with young people. We introduce these themes via contemporary art practices, preferably in venues where these can be experienced.

arts education
fierce women, photo by maja mojškerc.

Our community art projects bring marginalised women’s* voices to the foreground.

A regular feature of City of Women programmes are art projects with people from the local community, especially marginalised groups of women. They are designed to explore gender and sexuality, and to establish a firm bond between cultural professionals, artists and different communities. Our community projects explore new co-creation methods and new models of decentralised governance – the latter also in collaboration with policy-makers.

community building
blended mobility, photo by branka keser.

We advocate feminism and gender equality in the arts and culture.

In Slovenia, the gap between legally guaranteed equality and actual gender inequality is growing. The percentage of women* artists produced and presented in the main cultural institutions remains low, while sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination in the arts and culture remain high. The City of Women advocates equality by producing women artists, awarding women and women’s collectives, joining campaigns, putting pressure on decision-makers and preparing strategic documents.

Laughing Hole, photo by Nada Žgank.

The City of Women Special Library for Contemporary Arts and Feminism is focused on the arts from the perspective of feminist theory, history and sociology.

With a wide range of books available, from classic feminist texts to contemporary works, our library is a valuable resource for anyone wanting and willing to learn more about contemporary art and the ways in which it intersects with feminism and other social justice movements. If you're a student, researcher or activist passionate about equality and justice, our library is there to inspire you.

knjižnica, foto arhiv mesta žensk.
library, city of women archive.

We promote international cooperation by leading or participating in small and large-scale European projects.

The City of Women participates in a number of EU-funded projects that focus on promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women in culture. Read more about our current projects below.

eu projects
nobody whistles anymore, photo by nada žgank.