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The Rule is Love performance series investigating the resistance against the normalization of apathy and conformity. In this series, Alicia Grullón establishes one rule each for the audience and the performer which must be followed for the length of the piece. In this body of work, she

The exhibition in ŠKUC Gallery will be open to the public till 2 November, from Tuesday to Sunday between 12.00 and 19.00. The exhibition in Mala galerija will be open to the public till 31st October, from Tuesday to Friday between 11.00 and 19.00. 
As part of the European project Performing Gender, choreographer Nikita Maheshwary started one-on-one walks with 15 women from different neighbourhoods of Tilburg in January '22.
International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women 3. — 14. 10. 2023

With the constant attack on reproductive rights, militarization, and rising poverty, there is a steep decline in gender equality globally. However, women* are also actively advancing their position worldwide. Not to lament the losses, the 29th edition of the festival City of Women will focus on and promote our ubiquitous resistance and its constant gains.