For years now, the City of Women has been preoccupied with the issue of archiving the rich history of its activities and preserving the contents even after the live events are over. Through our archival activities – the library and digital archives –, we wish to expose the social criticism of the City of Women as the basic principle of our feminist curating and operation in order to use our situated knowledge to intervene in the main streams of Slovenian art system and society.

Special Library for Contemporary Arts and Feminism

In 2019, City of Women successfully enrolled a special library focused on contemporary art and feminism. Half of the library's collection is included in the Cobiss system and consists of books, catalogues, and City of Women's physical archives. With this knowledge located in the library we want to intervene in the most important currents of the Slovenian art and social system. 

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Book novelties

Kentrić, Samirazz

Novel | Slovene  |  2020

Le Deuxième Sexe
Simone de Boauvouir

Feminist Philosophy | in Slovene | 1949

Women Icons of the 20th Century
Svetlana Slapšak

Nonfiction | Slovene | 2000

Women and Trafficking
Simona Zavratnik Zimic

Collection | English | 2004

Accompanying Book Program
Cobiss Archive

The City of Women Library is connected to the national library information system COBISS along with other libraries, where issued books, publications, and newspapers are cataloged in one place. Currently, only a small portion of our library is entered into the COBISS system, but we are constantly updating the database to enable access to the list of all the works we hold.


Accompanying Book Program
Network Museum CoW

Since 2016, the City of Women in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art has established its digital archive within the Network Museum repository. The archive contains documents and organizes the audio-visual production of contemporary art that has not yet been included in overviews of art production in Slovenia. Through this collaboration, significant segments of audio-visual heritage are being preserved and made accessible for research, educational, and developmental purposes.