Sabina Potočki

Sabina Potočki is a freelance producer and dancer work­ing in art and culture. In 1984 she graduated from the School of Economics and Business in Maribor and that same year continued her studies at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Sociology, Political Sciences and Journalism in Ljubljana.

Her dance career started in 1976 in the dance group Point/Magra (KUD Študent) in Maribor. She is one of the founders of the first professional contemporary dance group in Slovenia – Dance Theatre Ljubljana – where she danced in over thirty performances by local and foreign choreographers, directors and video artists between 1984 and 2004. In addition to being a dancer, she was also the executive producer and programme coordinator at Dance Theatre Ljubljana (1985–1997), head of PR and project producer at the International Street Theatre Festival – Ana Desetnica (1999–2004) and the executive producer of the documentary film section of D-Day hosted by Slovenska Kinoteka (2000–2002). Sabina was the programme assistant, executive producer, programme co-selector and programme coordinator of the City of Women Association – the organiser of the International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women (1997–2007). She was the programme coordinator and executive producer at the EMANAT Institute (2008­–2011) whilst in recent years she has participated as the coordinator and executive producer of projects by different arts organisations. In her spare time she practices therapeutic massages and runs weekly body trainings.