6. October 2023
19.30 – 20.30
Zuzanna Hertzberg
2019- 2022, 45 - 60’, free admission

Mechitza. Individual and Collective Resistance of Women During the Shoah.

Mechitza is a partition in an orthodox synagogue that separates men with full access to the ritual from marginalised women. Hertzberg's work Mechitza constitutes poetic and vivid starting point for revisiting the memory of uncomfortable facts and narratives. This fabric is not only a medium, but also a thread and a warp, a banner. Hertzberg combines it with the description of the situation of women regaining the right to write their own history. In this history, the accounts of heroines of resistance are meant to fit together into a uniform whole with the records and artefacts that demystify attempts to obliterate the Jewish identity of women fighting for survival. 

This exhibition is part of “Archeology of Resistance: Corrective for Future” program that is curated by Iva Kovač. 

On view until 31 October.  Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday between 11.00 and 19.00. 


Public guided tours with the curator in Mala galerija:  

11. 10. at 18.00 in English
13. 10. at 18.00 in Slovenian
27. 10. at 18:00 in Slovenian

Preceded by the guided tour of the exhibition Archeology of Resistance in Škuc Gallery. 

Co-production: City of Women, Mala galerija; support:  Tarbut Fellowship and Creativity Support Fund (ZAiKS), Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana. 


By exhibiting the work of Zuzanna Herzberg titled Mechitza. Individual and Collective Resistance of Women During the Shoah, the City of Women Association is not siding with the Israeli military action targeting civilians in Gaza. The work is exhibited as a historical record of European racism towards Jewish people and the brave women who fought it.

Artists and collaborators
Zuzanna Hertzberg
Iva Kovač
Video: Urša Bonelli Potokar