5. March 2024
19.00 – 23.00
in Slovenian language, free admission
graphic design: Urška Alič

Women on Women Award Ceremony

Women's achievements are often forgotten or overlooked in today's still patriarchal society. In the City of Women, for the fifth year now, we have been searching for heroines, fighters for equality, advocates for the common and communal, the overlooked champions of efforts for a better world.

With the award, we highlight the invisible work, stories, courage, and determination of collectives and individuals. You are invited to the award ceremony at Klub Gromka (AKC Metelkova) on Tuesday, March 5, at 7 p.m.

This year, you nominated more than 40 collectives and individuals. The award will be presented to five selected by the committee, composed of last year's winners. The committee consists of Tanja Matijašević (Lezbična četrt), Tita Mayer, Jasna Podreka, Metod Zupan (The Feminalz – Image Thieves), and Nada Žgank.

The program for this year's award ceremony is prepared by the members of The Feminalz collective! After the ceremony, there will be a gathering with drinks and snacks, accompanied by the musical selection of Brigita Gračner.

Admission is free!



*By the term women, we understand cisgender, transgender, and intersex women.