Power is distributed unequally between people in all societies: they have different influence over decisions, different rights and duties. Gender is one of the dimensions that seems to organise this inequality of power distribution, with women tending to have lower rank and less power than men, across different times and places. Over the next four years, five partner organization from Spain, Italy, France and Slovenija, will work on raising awareness about how gender is connected to power.

Project POWER is about offering young people creative and appealing ways to understand the concepts related to gender, raise awareness about how gender is connected to power: how people today still suffer discrimination and oppression because of their gender identity, develop understanding, empathy and solidarity towards others with different types of gender identities and sexual orientations to step up against oppressions that they suffer. Through the threefold art-based, non-formal, participatory methods together we will develop tools to communicate about gender related inequalities and challenges and offer youth workers and youth leaders comprehensive tools to address the issues of gender and power with young people in safe and appealing ways.

Duration: 2020–2023

Project coordinator: DADAU (de l'art et d'autre)

Partners: Univesidad complutense de Madrid, MOH Associacione Socioculturale, Elan interculturel, City of Women