6. October 2023
22.00 – 23.30
90’, 8 € /10 € (presale), 12 € (on the day of the event)
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Sajsi MC

Sajsi MC is one of the biggest names of female rap artists in Southeastern Europe. She achieved commercial success with hit songs like“Mama”, “Roze tašna”, and “Antifa kučke”. In 2015, her song “Nadrkano hodanje” marked a major commercial breakthrough. The song scored a couple of million views on YouTube in its year of release, a significant achievement for this genre of music. Sajsi MC is also recognized for her collaborations with renowned artists from various genres. The song “Silikoni” with the artist Severina, Liz Taylor and Sasha Grey with a hip hop band Krankšvester, and the song “Svi” with Bosnian rapper Frenkie earned her an equal amount of praise and criticism. In 2017, Sajsi continued her longtime collaboration with the producer DJ BKO, releasing an album “Rad, rad i samo bleja”. The following year, she released a song “Kod tvoje devojke”, which was a total commercial smash in Serbia despites its lyrics addressing a love story between two women. Sajsi continued to experiment with different music genres and collaborations in songs like “Ja bih da me ti”, “Meni se ne udaje”, “Yugo dete” among others. After several years of releasing single formats, she returned in 2022 with the album "Kardinalna", which confirms her place as an established author in the rap genre. The album features notable tracks such as "Daj mi (otrove)", "Kiša u Beogradu 1981" and "Ringe jaja", the latter earning her the MAC 2023 (Music Award Ceremony 2023) award for the best track in the Rap/Hip-hop category.

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