Everything is Alright // May Event Cycle

On 26th of May at 7pm the final performance Everything is Fine, created in collaboration with the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and mentored by Nataša Živković and Sara Šabec, will take place. In 2021, the year of lockdowns, the high school students selected at the audition studied school as an institution. They were interested in the established school order and its effect on their growing up. What is alright about school and what is not? What does it teach us beyond its set objectives? What happens outside the official curriculum? What do teachers do (sub)consciously and (un)intentionally? What goes on in hallways during breaks? What do we start taking for granted? Which values are promoted by schools and which values should be promoted instead? What kind of school do we strive towards and how can we change it? The high school students in the performance address topics related to the official and hidden school curriculum, interpersonal relationships and hierarchies in classrooms and hallways, and also educational reforms in Slovenia.


Collaborators: Pika Kovač, Sinja Smokvina, Dominik Križ, Tara Klemenčič Belšak, Petja Golec Horvat, Laura Penšek Kozmelj, Žak Može, Ela Romih, Neža Ana Goričar, Filip Perpar, Špela Čekada 

Attend here: https://fb.me/e/QHZFkd5O