Connecting Lines: International Conference on Ecology, Feminism and Care

Tracing Care on the Intersection of Feminism and Ecology

With global warming hitting record highs each year, unprecedented climate disasters emerging in unexpected locations, and the prospects of more and more climate refugees, it has become clear that climate and social issues are intrinsically intertwined. These pressing conditions, manifested in different cultural practices, (re)articulate the relationships between human and non-human nature. Within the framework of the TRACTS and City of Women we will try to bring together discourses on gender equality and care in the deteriorating conditions of the late Anthropocene by bringing together artists and researchers who delve into issues of the climate crisis and social justice from a feminist, intersectional, queer, and decolonial perspective with a focus on care as a central paradigm for redefining our relationship with the environment and each other.


Amelie Aranguren, Diana Lelonek, Goran Đurđević & Suzana Marjanić, Graham Bell Tornado, Ida Hiršenfelder, Irena Borić, Isabel Carvalho, Jasmina Husanović, Liliana Zeic, Magda Buchczyk, Maja Smrekar, Mala Kline, Marwa Arsanios, Myriam Bahaffou, Raluca Voinea & Adelina Luft, Sascia Bailer, Sophie Allerding




25/04/2024, day one
Location: Museum of Modern Art Auditorium
Free entry, panels will be held in English

1. PANEL: Collective struggles for sustainability

short break: 13.00 - 13.30

2. PANEL: Bridging Theory and Practice 

late lunch break: 15.00–16.00 

3. PANEL: Alternative Futures

Projection of two short films by Marwa Arsanios

26/04/2024, drugi dan
Location: Museum of Modern Art Auditorium and Krater
Free entry, panels will be held in English

4. PANEL: On Care

5. PART: Krater visit; performance and workshop

6. PART: Liliana Zeic Workshop, MSUM Seminar room

Internal meeting


Curated by Iva Kovač (she/her), Alberto Berzosa (he/him)Ewa Chomicka (she/her) and Eliza Proszczuk (she/her).


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